Foodstuffs South Island is a proud supporter of the Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project

21 September 2021Media Release

Foodstuffs South Island is a proud supporter of the Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project. Steve Anderson, CEO, shares his views on why the Foodstuffs (South Island) Community Trust supports this momentous milestone and what it means for the city.

Why does Foodstuffs (South Island) Community Trust feel it’s important to support the reinstatement of the Christ Church Cathedral?

If you ask visitors and residents what makes Christchurch iconic, they’ll often say the Christ Church Cathedral. It sits in the heart of the city, dominating the square with its grand Gothic-style design, proud heritage and symbolic status.

We felt it was important to support the reinstatement of the Cathedral to help rebuild and heal from the devastating 2011 earthquakes. It’s an attraction in its own right and deserves to be returned to its former glory.

What makes this project special?

This whole process symbolises the rebuild of the city and to see the work get underway is another major milestone in that journey towards a revitalised city.

Foodstuffs (South Island) Community Trust proudly supports the local communities it operates in; how do you think your support of the Cathedral reflects Foodstuffs’ values?

We’re always looking to support communities as they rebuild from natural disasters including earthquakes and floods. We have over 220 stores across the South Island, with proud owner/operators who are members of those communities. We support communities to not just survive but to thrive. Supporting the rebuild of the Cathedral is an integral part of Christchurch to attract locals and visitors to the city.

What do you think the reinstated Cathedral offers to Christchurch and wider Canterbury?

The reinstatement symbolises a recovery and healing process. Christchurch is transforming from a series of devastating events and having the Cathedral reinstated will provide a sense of pride towards the restoration of the centre of the city.

What are you most looking forward to once the Cathedral is open again?

I’m looking forward to seeing people returning to the city and seeing what’s been restored, reopened, and rebuilt. The Cathedral is surrounded by other beautifully designed new or restored buildings, including Te Pae and Turanga.  It’s closing a sad chapter in the city’s history and welcoming a new one.

 What’s your message to others who may be in a position to join the global fundraising effort?

The Cathedral is symbolic to the city. Its associations go beyond religion; the architecture and the heritage resonate with locals and visitors. The design ties the old and the new and puts the heart back into the beautiful city of Christchurch, and we’re proud to support that.