Introducing Bosco Peters

24 July 2023News

We are honoured to have Bosco Peters as our Acting Dean of the Christ Church Cathedral. With a diverse background in academia and spirituality, Bosco brings a unique perspective to our community. His 24-year tenure as Chaplain at Christ's College transformed the institution into an inclusive and contemporary Aotearoa school.
Now, as the Acting Dean, Bosco aims to create an environment where people of all faiths feel spiritually at home. His expertise in academia and spirituality makes him the perfect fit for this role. Bosco's dedication to promoting interfaith understanding is reflected in his academic teachings on six different world religions, encouraging dialogue and connection among individuals from various backgrounds.
We are fortunate to have Bosco Peters' expertise and leadership as Acting Dean until November 30th. Under his guidance, Christ Church Cathedral will thrive as a place of inclusivity and spiritual growth. Join us in welcoming Bosco Peters as we embark on this exciting journey of exploration and growth together.